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Fertility and Beyond

  • Did you always assume you would settle down and start a family...and now it's not happening?

  • Are you and your partner "on different pages" about what the next treatment option will be?

  • Has fertility treatment contributed to communication problems for you and your spouse?

  • Are you feeling down because you are not getting pregnant, even with medical intervention?

  • Is it difficult, if not impossible, to attend your friends' or relatives' baby showers or family gatherings?

  • Are you and your spouse undecided about whether to purse more treatment or call it quits?

  • Have you been fortunate to create your family, but are now experiencing the emotional after-shocks?

  • These are some common issues faced by couples in treatment for fertility problems.

  • You are not alone.  Research has shown that individuals experiencing fertility treatment have rates of depression equivalent to or exceeding rates of depression in cancer patients.

  • These problems can also be helped by psychological counseling, for either the individual, the couple, or both.   Research has demonstrated that interventions that teach relaxation skills, encourage communication and expression of feelings can assist individuals in becoming pregnant.  The mind-body connection can be very powerful.

  • Dr. Faier-Routman has many years of experience assisting people who feel like they are on an emotional roller-coaster while pursuing fertility treatment.

  • You can learn how to reduce anxiety prior to and during medical procedures.

  • You can recapture the energy you once had.

  • Take an active role in your health care and regain a sense of control over your life.

  • With psychotherapeutic input you can re-establish a more balanced perspective.
  • Dr. Faier-Routman also helps couples who previously received fertility treatment and are now struggling with parenting issues or internal conflicts, such as feelings of loss or grief.

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