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Social  Anxiety (Social Phobia)         

Do you avoid asking for a promotion or raise at work because of anxiety?

Do you worry that classmates will notice you are blushing when you have to give an oral presentation?

Have you avoided taking courses that involve speaking in front of the class?

Do you procrastinate in seeking work because you are anxious about the job interview?

Do you avoid social interactions because you are worried you will look nervous?

Are you extremely self-conscious about writing in public (e.g. signing a check)?

Do you avoid lunch/dinner dates because you are anxious about eating while others are watching you?

Are you tired of Anxiety or Worry getting in the way of your goals?

Let 2019 be the year you resolve to change the patterns that have not worked for you in the past.

Social  Anxiety can  also interfere with these important life skills:

  • Assertiveness                                                                                  
  • Conflict resolution
  • Dating  

Dr. Faier-Routman can help you move beyond your current comfort zone
to live a more successful and meaningful life, where YOU are in the driver's
seat, not your anxiety!

Ask yourself, "What price will I have to pay if I continue to procrastinate 
and I continue to let anxiety get the best of me?"

Research has demonstrated that sufferers of social anxiety are more self-critical
of their own behaviors than are objective observers.  Performance anxiety occurs
when anxiety interferes with the one's social skills, not as a result of social skills deficits.  

With my therapeutic approach a baby-step program is utilized to help you overcome
your anxiety and realize your goals.  I begin with an easy to understand educational foundation
which includes the concepts that make up cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  Once you and
Dr. Faier-Routman feel you are ready to progress to the next stage, an individually-tailored plan
will be developed for exposure and response prevention exercises (ERP).  The pace of the treatment
will depend on the severity of your symptoms, as well as factors such as your motivation for change.      

Watch how success achieved in this area of your functioning can multiply
your success in other aspects of your life!

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