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Discover how you can take a "mini-vacation" in your own bed or recliner even on days when you may be too fatigued to go out.

Don't struggle through treatment when you can take a pro-active stance and feel better even while still in treatment.

Let Dr. Faier-Routman demonstrate proven ways to combat negative automatic thoughts (worrying, pessimistic thoughts) and replace them with postive self-talk.

You can learn how to manage your stress and move beyond emotional paralysis while undergoing treatment for you health challenge.
Have you recently been diagnosed with a chronic illness?

Has it felt like you have been on an emotional roller coaster, running from appointment to appointment?

Have you been experiencing anxiety prior to tests, scans or other scheduled procedures?

Is worry interfering with your sleep, daily routines, and/or your ability to concentrate?

Are you experiencing nausea ("anticipatory anxiety") prior to medical treatments that makes it difficult to get in the car to go to the appointment?

Are you depressed about the hair loss even though you know it's only temporary?
Don't delay
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State of the Art Psychology serves communities in Chicago and northern suburbs including: Skokie, Deerfield, Evanston, Glencoe, Glenview, Northbrook, Northfield, North Shore, Highland Park, Wilmette, Winnetka , 60076, 60077, 60645, 60201, 60202, 60203, 60204, 60613, 60004,  60015, 60022, 60025, 60026,60053, 60056,  60093, 60062, 60065, 60035, 60037, 60091, 60093, 60712Services provided include counseling for health concerns, including fertility issues and cancer; individual and family counseling for anxiety disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, stress management.