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    Joan Faier-Routman, Ph.D. 
    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    I provide a safe, comfortable space, and work with you as a team to build an effective therapeutic relationship.  I know it takes time for many people to develop trust, and I work patiently and support the development of this important component of psychotherapy.  My style is active.   Individuals who have worked with me on problems similar to yours have felt an increased sense of control over the problem(s), decreased anxiety, depression, and/or stress, increased self-confidence, improved communication with family member(s), coworker or boss.  These types of benefits can grow exponentially because once a problem is less bothersome you are able to focus your attention and energy on the goals you hope to accomplish.  I know your lives may be busy and I try to offer flexible hours that fit with your work/school schedule.  During COVID-19 period Telepsychotherapy is available (see services)

    My diverse experiences and areas of expertise give me a well-rounded perspective and sensitivity to the human experience. From working in major medical centers to a community mental health center to an integrative cancer care practice to my own independent practice with both adults and children, I have learned from my clients even as I strove to assist them.  

    My doctoral training at Loyola University and the University of Chicago Medical Center focused on children and families.  I also pursued advanced training in Couples and Family Therapy at the Family Institute of Chicago.  I earned a Master’s degree in Psychology from New York University, and I completed my undergraduate work at Cornell University.  I have been interested in helping people with their problems at least since Junior High School.

    For many years I have worked with individuals in medical settings, both in the medical center and on an out-patient basis.  Collaborating effectively with physicians, nurses and other health care professionals is my strength.  I can be your guide, and show you the short-cuts, so you do not have to feel like you are wasting your precious time and energy “re-inventing the wheel”.  Your family members are also going through this medical challenge with you.  As an experienced family therapist I address the impact of the illness on the couple and/or family

    I am a professional member of the following  organizations:
        Illinois Psychological Association (IPA)
        International Obsessive Compulsive Foundation (IOCDF)